The 280-acre project site is a producing Unocal oil field and represents the largest piece of developable land within the City of Fullerton. The Specific Plan allowed for the development of an 18-hole golf course, revegetation of biologically sensitive coastal sage scrub habitat, and 883 housing units, including custom unit lots. The project also included the first Habitat Conservation Plan and associated Section 10(a) permit for the California gnatcatcher.
The project area encompasses much of the hillside oil producing lands situated in the Coyote Hills East area of the City of Fullerton. The Coyote Hills can be generally characterized as an area of varying terrain ranging from gently rolling hills to steep-faced cliffs. A significant portion of the area has been severely altered by many years of oil production which continue in operation. The site is also significant in that it contains some of the highest topographic elevations in the City of Fullerton.