Planning Area 27 EIR
Irvine, California
Westfield Shopping Town
Expansion EIR
Arcadia, California
Yorba Linda
Friends Church EIR
Yorba Linda, California
The natural environment is vulnerable, yet filled with potential. At the Templeton Planning Group, we are organized to maximize opportunities and mitigate constraints through in-depth environmental analysis.

Our highly experienced environmental team provides thorough, accurate and legally defensible information. The result: our public and private sector clients are fully prepared to make the proper decisions and the best recommendations for all concerned.

The Environmental Division at the Templeton Planning Group provides comprehensive environmental analysis and documentation. Our highly experienced staff is well prepared to participate in each phase of the environmental planning and/or review process, tailoring our services to meet the objectives of each project. TPG works with its clients to determine the appropriate approach and level of environmental services required. We obtain successful project implementation for both public and private sector clients, balanced with a protection of sensitive environmental resources.

In-house environmental services are supplemented through a network of highly qualified technical specialties with on-going working relationships with TPG.

Comprehensive Environmental Services:

- CEQA Compliance (EIR/EIS)
- Focused Environmental Studies
- NEPA Compliance
- Mitigation Monitoring
- Opportunities and Constraints Analysis
- Air Quality Studies
- Biological Inventory, Assessments and Resource Management
- Visual Impact Analysis
- Regulatory Compliance

Technical Environmental Services are indirectly provided
by TPG in the following areas:

- Soils and Geology
- Noise Assessments
- Cultural Resources
- Civil Engineering
- Water Quality
- Hazardous Waste Assessment
- Electro-Magnetic Field Assessment
- Fiscal Analysis
- Computer-Aided Visual Analysis