The proposed project consists of a Specific Plan to allow for the development of 226 single-family residential homes, a 4.8 acre public park, and a 0.5 acre private recreational facility on the 38.8 acre site. In addit ion, a maximum of 25 lots will also provide an accessory carriage unit to be built as affordable rentals on the 35' x 73' lots. Of the 226 total homes, a total of 62 units have lot sizes of 35' x 73' (2,555 s.f.), 84 units have lot sizes of 45' x 70' (3,150 s.f.), and 80 units have lot sizes of 50' x 84' (4,200 s.f.). The average density for the project is 5.8 dwelling units per acre.
The site plan has been designed to respond to the market demand for lot sizes, square footage, and sales prices of homes. In addition, the centrally located public park site creates a major scenic vista (880 feet deep) upon entering and exiting the project. Each interior street has a view of the park while traveling within the Specific Plan area. The 4.8 acre park will be a public park benefitting future Tomlinson Park residents as well as existing Brea residents.
There is excellent perimeter circulation and parking located immediately adjacent to the park. The space is designed so that there is residential frontage across the street from the park. The high visibility of the park will allow future residents view park activities increasing the availability of adult supervision and the feeling of safety. It also allows for strong interaction between the new residents creating a strong sense of neighborhood.